Door Lock Buying Guide

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Door Lock Buying Guide

Homeownership has become a hustle because of the present economic realities. You need to identify an affordable property at a good location as well as have sufficient credit history to impress the mortgage banks. Then the next step is to choose the right financing method - down or no-down-payment!

After overcoming the challenges of home buying, your next priority should be to protect your investment and loved ones. That is where your choice of a door lock comes in.

You need to know the different types of locks available in the market and the amount of security they can provide. Other things to consider are the strength of the material, the quality of the door frame, and the requirements included in your insurance cover.

To ensure your peace of mind, Mark The Locksmith has provided a detailed door lock guild to help you make an informed buying decision.

Types of Door Locks

There are different types of door locks available in the market. They are separated into three categories – traditional locks, conventional deadbolts, and smart locks.

The Traditional Locks

Also known as mechanical locks, traditional locks are designed to operate manually. The process is simple, insert the key, turn it anti-clockwise to open, or the other way round to close. Padlocks, Mortise locks, single-cylinder locks, and ordinary locks belong to this category.

The disadvantage of using the traditional locks in your home is that they are subjected to picking or bumping.

With a tension wrench or other simple tools, anyone can open such locks by applying slight pressure. Traditional locks provide minimal security. Therefore, they are not suitable for anyone who needs to secure their property and loved ones.

Deadbolts and High-Security Locks

Though you also need a physical key to open the deadbolts, they are much more durable when compared to cylinder locks. With premium metal construction and plated keyways, the deadbolts are highly resistant to picking.

The American Nation Standards Institute (ANSI) grading system categorized deadbolts into three grades. The Grade 1 deadbolts are of the highest quality and are highly durable. It is the recommended lock for commercial purposes. Such locks are the best option for the entry doors of residential buildings.

However, high-security locks are made with deadbolts having hardened cylinders, unique pin configurations, and other features.

If you need the Grade 1 deadbolts or high-security locks installed in your home or office, our trained locksmith will be glad to help.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are superheroes when compared to their counterparts. They provide a convenient way of safeguarding your front doors and they are also a better choice for most commercial purposes.

With the installation of smart locks, you will say goodbye to carrying bunches of keys. Instead, you can use the mobile app on the phone to gain and provide access to your home. Some of the smart locks can even be operated through a voice command. No worries about picking or bumping the locks. This is the best option to having peace of mind because it will help you keep thieves and rogues at bay.

Mark The Locksmith will be glad to assist you to install any type of smart locks in your home or business premises. Also, if you need lock replacement and other locksmith services, do not hesitate to contact us.