How to Change a Door Knob

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How to Change a Door Knob

The doorknobs in your home can be damaged due to wear and tear or failure of the spring inside the latch mechanism. A damaged doorknob is a weak link in the security of your home. That is why you’ve got no other option than to change the doorknob when you notice that the latch can no longer engage with the strike plate.
On the other hand, you may want to change because you have cheap-looking metal doorknobs and will desire to give an updated look to your home's doors
The good news is that replacing a doorknob can be done by any person with the right information. However, if you’d want to swiftly change the doorknob without following the DIY process, call a locksmith from Mark The Locksmith. We have professional locksmiths in Augusta GA who are dedicated to helping you fix all types of door knobs in addition to fortifying the security of your home.
Here are easy steps to replace a doorknob in your home, 
Required Tools for door knob replacement

  • New doorknob
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Sep 1
Get rid of the Old Doorknob
Removing the existing hardware is a simple process. You need to use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the interior side of the door the screws holding the old latch mechanism. There are always the inner and outer doorknobs that you have to untighten and slide to remove.

Step 2
Take Off the Strike Plate
Remove all set screws with your screwdriver. You should unscrew the strike plate from the door jamb, then pull the doorknob hardware from the spindle hole.

Step 3
Get the Right Measurement of the Backset
Use the tape to get the right measurement for the backset. It is the distance from the center of the big hole to the edge of the door. Typically, for most doors, the backset equals 2-3/8 inches or 2-3/4 inches. The right measurement will help you avoid the misalignment of the doorknob.

Step 4
Install the New Knob 
The installation of the new doorknob is apparently a reverse process. It starts from installing the latch hardware. Secure the new latch plate with the new screws and locate the spindle hole on the latch that the doorknobs will connect through. Try as much as possible to slide the latch in. You can use a rectangular wood to tap the latch into place until the back reaches the end of the hole.

Step 5
Look for the provided screws and secure the latch into the door on the top and bottom. Check the doorknob installation manual to see if you are working according to the instructions.
Insert the first half of the doorknob with the square steel peg in through the latch mechanism. Then, align the other half of the doorknob and ensure it matches with the square pin and the screw holes.

Step 6
Attach the New Knob and Plate
This is the last stage of the process. There are screws included with the knob set, use them and Attach the new knob. Check if there are surface imperfections and use hardening-type wood putty to cover it.
Lastly, test to know whether the doorknob is working perfectly and consider repainting the entire to maintain the aesthetics of your home.
If you’re not cut out with DIY procedures or you’d feel the process of changing a doorknob is cumbersome, why not call professionals from Mark The Locksmith. We will arrive Asap to help you install the new doorknob.