How To Fix A Key That Is NOT Turning

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How To Fix A Key That Is NOT Turning

Just like other mechanical devices, the lock may suddenly malfunction. Either the key has remained stuck in the lock or it has refused to turn. The fault may be from the cylinder or the key.

However, malfunctioning locks can delay our activities throughout the day if not resolved quickly. The smartest thing to do when the key won’t turn is to call a skilled locksmith in Grovetown that will resolve the problem using his tools and experience. If you are technically savvy or comfortable with the DIY option, here are tips that can help you to regain access to your property.

Key Won’t Turn in House or Office Lock - Jammed Lock

There are different types of locks installed in our entrance doors. But we will focus on the traditional deadbolt locks. A jammed lock is one of the reasons the key will not turn the cylinder when inserted correctly. Lock jammed is mostly caused by debris that has clocked the cylinder. You can simply resolve this by spraying dry lubricant through the keyway. Also, spray the key with the same lubricant to help ease the locking mechanism faster.

Sometimes, the dry lubricant may not work, then use try WD-40. With many trials, you will succeed in opening the lock.

Frozen Lock

If the key refuses to turn or becomes unnecessarily problematic in the winter months, chances are you are dealing with a frozen lock. There are many methods to unfreezing your locks.

Thawing the lock with a warm key is the fastest method. Warm the key with hot water and insert it through the keyhole while it is still hot. You can use hand gloves for self-protection. Also, aerosol de-icer or WD-40 can be very helpful.

Worn Out or Broken Lock

When the key refuses to turn after you have used the lubricant and thawing method, then an internal component of the lock may be blocking it. This may be a worn-out pin chamber or a corroded pin.

In such a situation, rekeying the lock or total replacement will be the solution. It is better you call a locksmith from Mark The Locksmith for lock replacement. Our expert locksmith will take less time to replace your locks. And our lock replacement service is very affordable.

Worn Out Key

The height and depth of the grooves may reduce due to frequent use. To know the difference, compare the key with your spare and observe the difference. Worn-out keys may not turn in the keyway or may not have any effect when at use. If you do not have a spare key, then you can call a locksmith for key duplication. Professional locksmiths from Mark The Locksmith can duplicate a lost or worn-out key even without the spare.

Call a Professional For Help

If your key is not turning or stuck in the lock and you don’t have the tools or ability to resolve it, then stop wasting time and call a professional locksmith.

Mark The Locksmith has mobile key makers that will come to your aid if the key is not turning. We are specialized and experienced service providers with all the modern equipment to deliver prompt services.