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Proper Safe Storage

Investing in a home safe is a smart way of ensuring that your belongings are kept away from the prying eyes of intruders. It is a secure depository for expensive items from jewelry to vital documents like passports. However, most people rarely think about a proper place to store them safely. They only consider the items to store in the safe.

It is necessary that you ensure your safe is in a good condition so that your valuables will not be damaged in any way. You may have a fire-resistant and waterproof safe that is capable of safeguarding your items, but if it is stored in the wrong place, all your efforts might be in vain.

Here are some useful tips for storing and maintaining the safe in your home.

Do Not Store Your Safe in a Plain Sight

Whether you have a portable lockbox or heavy-duty safe, it must be out of sight and possibly hidden. Exposing your safe will attract the attention of visitors and guests who might have negative agendas. Nevertheless, ensure that you place the safe at an easily accessible location. This will allow family members to have access to money or family heirlooms anytime the need arises.

One of the ways to ensure that your safe is hidden from plain sight is to buy the correct size that will contain your belongings. Getting a safe bigger than the spot you want to place it will force you to change the location. This could lead to exposing your safe.

If the safe is for firearms, it must be hidden out of sight and reach of children. Kids are usually curious. With time, they may know the secret code of the safe.

Avoid Moisture 

Some owners of residential safes complain of water or moisture damage to the items in the safe. Most of those safes were not designed with waterproof features. However, safes that are waterproofed can exhume a musty smell when closed for a long time. The remedy to avoid moisture build up is to store your safe in a dry area.

Your maintenance routine can also minimize or prevent moisture from building up in your safe. Plan to always remove all the items in the safe and air them for thirty minutes every month. Another way to control moisture is by investing in a small packet of silica gel. They to a large extent in absorbing moisture in the safe.

General Safe Maintenance

Apart from airing your safe once in a while, you have to plan for frequent cleaning and maintenance. Homeowners make the mistake of abandoning their safes for a long time. Such practices will only affect the items in your safe, and also affect their longevity. If your safe operates with a battery, ensure you have checked out the "health" of the battery every six months. For best practices, it is good to change the battery of the safe at least once a year.

Call a Locksmith for Safe Unlocking and Installation

Because of the spike in theft, more homeowners are relying on safes to protect their expensive belongings. If you need an experienced locksmith for safe unlocking or installation, call the experts at Mark The Locksmith. We offer top-quality services tailored to handle any type of customer request.