Pros & Cons of Remote Start Key Fobs

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Pros & Cons of Remote Start Key Fobs

An incredible feature of many modern cars is a remote starter. The remote start technology is configured via the brainbox to allow you to start your vehicle from a distance. Initially, car owners can use a remote fob to start the car, put on air-condition and other features. With the latest update, you can also use a smartphone app to start the vehicle remotely.

With the remote starter installed in your car, you can ensure that the interior is cool or warm before stepping inside. The good news is that the remote starter can be installed as a factory option or purchased as an aftermarket accessory.

The remote car starter installation is an inexpensive upgrade for any car owner. Here are some of the pros and cons of remote start key fobs.


  • Added Security

The remote start technology adds to the security of your car. The doors lock up once you use the remote to start the engine. No other person can gain access to the car without the key fob.

This feature is critical because the desire to warm or cool cars has led to theft in the past. Normally, to change the interior temperature of the car, some owners open them with the traditional keys and burglars take advantage of that security lapse to steal some cars. Whether car theft is a critical issue in your area or not, the added security of remote keys will help safeguard your vehicle.

  • Increased Resale Value

The market value of your car will automatically increase after installing a remote starter. It is so beneficial when living in an area with extreme climate conditions. Though other factors like the engine, interior, mileage, and body condition are the first consideration of most buyers, having a remote fob will be a good selling point.

  • Set an Ideal Internal Temperature

The ability to warm or cool the interior of your car beforehand is an irresistible feature. Cooling off your car during intense summer heat cannot be overemphasized. Even those that live in cold cities/States like Alaska, North Dakota, Minnesota, and other southern areas can warm up their cars before driving in the wintertime. More so, warming up your car will defrost your windscreen and windows so you can see clearly while driving.


  • The Risk of Being Hacked

Undoubtedly, fobs are safer than the traditional hardware keys. Unfortunately, they can be hacked by criminals. Some cyber-criminals use advanced and specialized programs to manipulate fob keys. Although hacking into fob keys occur on rare occasions, it could be made possible by the carelessness of the car owner. Never allow unknown persons to handle your keys because they could use black market techniques and software to decode its configurations.

  • Price Point

The process of developing and configuring a key fob is complex and time-consuming. It comes with a battery, panel, and a designed cover to make it potable and attractive. All these things add up to the price point of the key fob. That is why some car owners prefer the traditional or mechanical car keys.

THE Right Key For You!

If you need a qualified locksmith for key fob programming but you are yet to decide whether to install remote systems or not, then call the expert locksmiths at Mark The Locksmith. We will evaluate your car's make and model before recommending the right security system that will suit your need. Call us today.