Security Tips for Summer Rental Properties

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Security Tips for Summer Rental Properties

Over the years, tourists and vacation seekers have had enjoyable and eventful stays in vacation rental units. Many advantages are derivable from booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel room including:

  • Affordability
  • Optimum security
  • Privacy
  • And the possibility of traveling with all the members of your family

Indeed, the demand for vacation rentals has amplified the crime rates because there is a long-established relationship between tourism and increased crime. Criminals see tourists as vulnerable and they go the extra mile to take advantage of them.

So what are the steps to avoid burglary of holiday homes and ensure that your guests are safe? Read on to learn how your guests could enjoy all the comfort of your holiday home without being burglarized.

Install Advanced Security Systems with Cameras

Improve the safety of your rental property by installing a security system with cameras. Those cameras must be placed at a strategic location like the main entry, back doors, garages, and windows. This is to ensure round-the-clock monitoring of all the comings and goings around your property.

If you are a new rental property owner, you do not have to wait for tenants before optimizing the security of your property.

Though some guests will kick against being watched while they enjoy their stay, you have to explain the merits and also include it in the paperwork. You could also take it much further by installing alarm systems. Rental property alarm systems go a long way to give the tenants rest of mind about their security. Get a system that includes burglar, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms. If you cannot afford a complex system, you can go for a doorbell camera.

Irrespective of your choice of advanced security system installable, be assured that the expert locksmiths at Mark The Locksmith are always available to assist.

Install Smart Locks

Some owners of vacation rental properties replace locks on a seasonal basis. That should be the case when you experience a high volume of guest traffic to your property. But smart locks will come to your rescue. Install electronic locks that functions with codes. You change the code after the expiration of the stay of each guest. This way, you will not be involved in seasonal lock replacement and your guests will have rest of mind about their security.

Illuminate Every Space

The safety of every rental property increases when nightfall comes. If you have a large compound or your property is secluded by an expanse of land, then you need to consider illuminating the walkways and hidden spaces. Remember, these criminals love to operate secretly so that their nefarious activities will remain concealed. So you do not make your property vulnerable by having unlit spaces.

Conduct a personal evaluation of your premises to ensure that the extended sidewalks and walking paths are clear and lit. Try and illuminate sensitive areas like the backyards, basements, driveways, antics, and more. Installing good lighting throughout your building will go a long way to improve the safety and security of your premises.

Call a Locksmith for High-Security Lock Installation

Be aware that the experts at Mark The Locksmith are on the front line for you and your holiday rental home. Call us to assist in lock replacement or upgrade of your rental property.