Should I Get a New Key From a Dealership or Locksmith?

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Should I Get a New Key From a Dealership or Locksmith?

Losing your car keys without an available backup can disrupt your activities throughout the day. It could be dropped by your toddler down the garbage disposal or misplaced while picking some items from the grocery.

Irrespective of the location or reason for losing your keys, you will need to get an extra set of keys without delay. However, when it comes to replacing your car keys, you  have two options – the local locksmith or dealership. To help you make the right decision, we will compare the two options based on certain factors.

Turn-Around Time

About 90% of the calls we receive for car key replacement come from people who want emergency services. That means they need fast services to get along with the day activity. When it is an emergency, the dealership is never an ideal option!


They offer a wide range of services with detailed operational procedures. Your request for key replacement will be in the cue or they may assign it to a staff that could have so much work on the table. You may have to wait for some days before getting their attention.

Meanwhile, in a matter of hours, you could get the same service delivered by a mobile locksmith. Companies like Mark The Locksmith have a standby mobile team for onsite service delivery. Even when you have a key fob, the mobile locksmith can reprogram a new key to perfectly work with your car. So if you need time-efficient services, the right option is a local locksmith.

Service Cost

For every product or service, the cost is a determinant factor for most people. Normally, the cost of replacing your keys from the dealership is higher when compared with the locksmith.

Data from consumer reports estimate the cost of car key replacement from the dealership from $50 to $400. It’s even higher when the service involves programming. However, the only option for cars like the Subaru and Audi is the dealership. They have specialized chips that can only be programmed by the dealership.

The locks of other vehicles can be replaced by a local locksmith. You will get the service at a cheaper rate to enable you to save more money.


Most times, car keys are lost during inconvenient times – early morning, late night, holidays, or weekends. Services like key replacement cannot be delivered at your convenience by the dealership. You must have to wait until the normal working hours.

While some locksmiths work on flexible hours. They will come to you during the holidays and weekends. You will enjoy great convenience for choosing a locksmith over the dealership for your key replacement needs.


Your keys can get lost when you least expected. It could be after a get-together with friends and family. When this happens, all you want is to get fast services. The dealership can only be available during working hours. So your best bet will be to call a locksmith. Local locksmiths are always available to come to your rescue. 

Wrapping up

Based on the factors analyzed in this article, it is glaring that calling a locksmith for key replacement is preferable and more beneficial than the dealership. If you lose your keys or have issues with your security system, do not hesitate to call experts from Mark The Locksmith. We will send an experienced locksmith to fix the problem.