Signs Your Locks Are Failing

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Signs Your Locks Are Failing

The front door lock is the first line of defense against criminals and intruders. Internal locks also protect your belongings and loved ones from attack by criminals.

Because of their critical role in providing an optimal level of protection, homeowners should ensure that their locks are functional at all times. For that reason, every homeowner should know the signs of a failing lock. Such knowledge will help make the security of your home a hard nut to crack. It will also make every component of your security system ready to withstand forceful attacks from criminals.

We want you to understand how to identify non-functional or failing locks that require repair or replacing. Read on to learn what to look out for about the locks in your home or office.


Just like other mechanical equipment, locks can get rusty when they have been used for years or passed their warranty dates.

No matter the type of metal used in manufacturing the lock, rusts are stubborn and difficult to treat. Locks get rust when they are exposed to moisture. It weakens the materials and makes them vulnerable to thieves. Rusts indicate that the lock is corroded. It makes them break once there is a little force from the burglars. Sometimes rusted guts appear inside the locks and become invisible. However, you will notice the internal rust when the lock starts to malfunction.

The Key is Difficult to Turn

If the lock is getting hard to turn, it is a sign that something is wrong and it could fail any time soon. Many reasons could make a lock start showing signs of wear and tear. Such as dirt, extreme weather condition, moisture, or poor installation. 

Consider changing the lock or calling a locksmith in Harlem, GA to fix it when it becomes difficult to turn. 

Burglary Attempt

Attempts to break into your home will result in twisting or bending the metal deadbolts. Usually, burglars try to drill through the deadbolt, kick or bash it to open. And such activities could leave scratches on the deadbolt or splinter wood on the ground.

Once you notice the scratches on your deadbolt, check if anything is missing in your home. Call the police to register a complaint and also consider changing the locks.

Malfunctioning Locks

If you notice that your locks are not functioning the way they use to, then it is a red flag that the internal mechanism may be having issues. Before considering changing the locks, try applying lubricants to them. Lubricants loosen the internal components so that the locks will not get stiff. The last option is to change the lock when it is not functioning properly.

Consult a Locksmith

A failing lock is a weak link in your security system. You do not have to wait until burglars take advantage of the malfunctioning lock to attack you. Currently, burglars and criminals have advanced new techniques for breaking into homes and business premises. So, go the extra mile to strengthen your home or office security.

At Mark The Locksmith, we have a mobile locksmith that will arrive at your location for rekeying, lock replacement, or new lock installation. Our priority is to ensure that the security system of your home functions optimally. Call us today and our locksmith will ensure that your locks function properly.