Smart Locks vs. Traditional Electronic Locks

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Smart Locks vs. Traditional Electronic Locks

The security sector is not left out as technology keeps evolving. Using physical keys to lock and unlock doors is fast becoming outdated. Now, when it comes to security, most homeowners focus on convenience and safety.

However, those using traditional locking systems are considering shifting to something smarter. So, with the many smart and electronic security locks out there, how can you get a system that will suit your needs and budget? Here is a comparison of the conventional locks to help you make an informed buying decision.

The Electronic Locks

Since burglars have realized that homeowners hide their keys under the mat and some people keep the spare on top of the window frame, an alternative way to open or close doors became imperative. Electronic locks are ideal for high-end homes and businesses that are tired of multiple key duplications. They give you painless and effortless access to your property.

With the electronic lock, you only have to input a secret code on the keypad or touch screen to open your door. No more worries about losing your keys or being locked out of your office. Say goodbye to carrying a bunch of keys or fumbling your pockets anytime you are in front of the door.

The advantages are more for businesses that hire short-term employees because they will stop rekeying their locks to keep the security intact. With the recent upgrades to electronic locks, you can add more deadbolts to the same security or automation system and have the assurance that no one can compromise your security.

If you’re a business owner, some traditional electronic locks can keep track of your employees' access codes. It can help you dictate which employee entered a door at a given time by logging the info with data trackers. Though non-professionals can install electronic locks, it is better to use the service of an experienced locksmith in Evans, GA.

Smart Locks

If you want to experience extreme convenience while accessing your home, then you need to go for smart locks. They are designed to give you ultimate control of your home or business premises. While traditional electronic locks are standalone devices, smart locks can be paired with your favorite smart devices like iPhones, tablets, and Android phones.

Some designs allow you to auto-lock the doors and the most part is the remote locking and unlocking features. You can grant temporary access to caregivers, cleaners, and even delivery agents. That sounds a lot better than delaying domestic service providers because of your unavailability.

Integrating your home system with your smart door lock through the Apple Home app is as easy as ordering a pizza – and just as quick. Also, other home devices can be integrated with your security systems such as smoke alarms, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and more.

Get a Locksmith for Your Lock Replacement

If you are still weighing the pros and cons of installing electronic or smart locks in your home, call the experts at Mark The Locksmith. We will evaluate your security needs and give you expert advice on the right smart locks for you. Give us a call today.