Things to Know Before You Install a Keypad Door Lock

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Things to Know Before You Install a Keypad Door Lock

Installing smart locks allow you to enjoy a great deal of convenience and security. You will not need the conventional keys when entering or leaving your home. However, there are few things to consider when you are upgrading to new technology to avoid running into muddy waters.
We have elaborated the critical considerations in this article. Read to learn more!

Frequent Battery Change and Maintenance

Basically, there are two types of keypad locks – mechanical and electronic keypad locks. The mechanical types do not use batteries or any form of electricity.
The modern electronic keypad locks use batteries and they are convenient to install. To ensure that the electronic keypad locks function efficiently, you must continuously change the batteries. You don’t have to worry if your locks are hardwired into a grid-based power supply.
Before you proceed to purchase a keypad lock, you should decide whether to go for the battery-operated door lock or have the mechanical locks installed. The durability and longevity of the batteries are essential because they control the internal mechanism of the lock including the LED lights and wireless chips.

Keypad Lock Installation Issues

Keypad locks are designed to have user-friendly installation. However, you may encounter difficulties if you have misaligned doors. This means that the metal of the bolt is grinding or missing the strike hole entirely. And before the keypad door lock can work properly, your doors must be properly aligned.
You need to ensure that the door fits the lock and that the handles are rotating properly. Most times it takes the expertise of a nearby locksmith to correct the misalignment of most doors. You can get access to a professional locksmith by calling Mark The Locksmith.
Additionally, commercial-grade keypad door locks should not be installed or handled by non-professionals. Their internal mechanism is complex and entirely different from the residential keypad locks.

Your Traditional Deadbolt can function with the Keypad Locks

It’s amazing to note that you can keep your deadbolt while enjoying the convenience and functionalities of a keypad lock. This can be achieved when you buy a ‘smart lock conversation kit’. The kit helps your deadbolt to operate as a smart lock.
There are brands like Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale that manufacture locks with such features. It will also be good for you to have an idea of some benefits of installing a keypad lock in your home or office.

Easier Access Change

In a bid to change when the security is compromised, most people keep rekeying or replacing their locks. But with the installation of smart locks, you can easily change access and regain control of your security system.


When you install keypad locks, you will have the peace of mind that the security of your family or business is formidable to a large extent. More so, you can easily upgrade your security system at any time to enjoy recent advanced technology

Let a Locksmith Install Your Keypad Lock

To achieve a dependable level of security, you need a professional locksmith to help install the keypad door locks. At Mark The Locksmith, we are dedicated to offering top-notch key installation services while meeting compliance and regulations standards.