Top 5 Locksmith Myths

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Top 5 Locksmith Myths

The locksmith profession is not as popular as doctors, Neurosurgeons, software developers, financial managers, or engineers. For this reason, many people harbor a few misconceptions about them.

Most homeowners only realize the importance of a locksmith when they get locked out of their homes. The same applies to vehicle and business owners. However, there are more than meets the eye when it comes to locksmithing. Therefore, we highlighted some misconceptions surrounding locksmiths in this article to leave our readers with the right information.

Myth #1

A Locksmith Is Only For Key Cutting and Picking

Everyone thinks that a locksmith is only there to cut keys or pick locks when they are locked out. Though the above are some of the responsibilities of a locksmith, there are a wide range of services a locksmith can provide.

A professional locksmith can install new locks for your home and commercial facility. They can provide security consulting as well as evaluate your security to identify loopholes. Because lock-related issues are always emergencies, there is a mobile locksmith who can go to any location to provide the needed service.

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles owners also rely on the locksmith to save the day when they are locked out. The locksmith can also install and upgrade car security systems.

Whenever you contact a locksmith, relate to them as the experts capable of safeguarding your property through unique services.

Myth #2

Locksmiths Have Access to Master Keys

Some time ago, a business owner was locked out of his office. He called for our services and requested that the locksmith should come with a master key!

It is a misconception that locksmiths can open every door using a ‘wonder’ key. We like our readers to know that the locksmith does not have a suit of keys to open every door. All a locksmith can do is apply his expertise and the right tools to open a lock.

Myth #3

Locksmith Charges are Uniform

There are different types of keys and locks out there and homeowners make their buying decision based on personal reasons. This is why lockout situations or lock installation requests vary. Apart from the locks, the locksmith company is at liberty to have their charging structure. Additionally, the cost of locksmith service can be on an hourly or per job bases. The locksmith can give you a quote based on the distance, the complicity of the lock, and other factors the person may consider appropriate.

Myth #4

All Locksmiths are Certified

Ideally, all locksmiths should be certified before offering services to the public. However, in reality, not all locksmiths are certified. Some individuals learn locksmithing skills at independent workshops. Such people cannot go through the rigorous process of certification.

That is why we recommend every homeowner should verify the credentials of any locksmith before they commence work. Do not allow uncertified locksmiths to handle your security system. A legitimate locksmith company should be registered and all the field locksmiths must be certified.

Myth #5

The Locksmith Profession is Easy

There are people with this mindset that being a locksmith is easy. That is entirely wrong. The process of becoming a certified locksmith is as cumbersome as other professions. You will go through proper training and take the tests before you could be confirmed as a locksmith.

If you need an experienced and knowledgeable locksmith, be assured to get one from Mark The Locksmith.