What Is An Ignition Lock Cylinder

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What Is An Ignition Lock Cylinder

When it comes to vehicle parts, the ignition lock cylinder is not popular. Vehicle owners are more familiar with auto parts like shock absorbers, brake pad sets, AC Compressors, alternators, axle shafts, and more.

However, we wonder about the technology behind the starting and control of our engines. It is also amazing how the ignition is designed to work with a particular key. The process of starting a car engine begins with inserting the right key in the ignition which pulls down the crankshaft and pistons to ignite fuel and air.

You can locate the lock cylinder in the same compartment with the ignition switch of your car, truck, or SUV. For most cars, the ignition lock cylinder is usually located on the right side, behind the steering wheel.

In this resource, you will learn everything concerning the ignition lock cylinder, how it operates and how to identify when your ignition lock cylinder is not good.

The Ignition Lock Cylinder and Its Components

As stated earlier, the lock cylinder is part of the ignition system through which you can insert the key into the ignition switch. Similar to other lock cylinders, they are designed with pins that integrate with the key to turn the ignition. Another important component of the cylinder is the wafer tumblers that help the key to staying intact while the vehicle is in motion.

For security purposes, the ignition lock cylinder is connected to the steering column lock. The purpose is to engage the steering when you insert the right key. It will also get the steering disengaged when you remove the keys. So from starting your car to becoming an important component of the security system, the ignition lock cylinder is a critical component that determines the optimum functionality of your vehicle.

How to Dictate Dysfunctional Ignition Lock Cylinder

Difficulty in Powering or Starting your Car

As an integral part of the ignition system, starting your engine will be a hustle if the ignition lock cylinder is faulty. Apart from powering or starting your car, the ignition lock cylinder also helps in providing power to specific areas like the electronic accessories and the engine.

Stuck Keys

If your keys keep getting stuck in a certain position, it is a sign that the wafer tumblers in the ignition lock cylinder are having issues. This part of the lock cylinder is responsible for the stability of the keys. It holds the key when starting the car and while you are moving. However, if your keys keep getting stuck, breaking, or bending, you should consult a professional.

A Locksmith Is Always Available to Help

Though the ignition lock cylinders are phasing out because modern cars use keyless entry systems to start the engines, a significant number of vehicles are still using them. You have to be observant as a car owner to notice any malfunctioning signs from your ignition. If it is sticking, breaking, or bending keys and you are no longer comfortable with its performance, call the expert locksmiths from Mark The Locksmith.

Our professional locksmiths are available to inspect your ignition lock cylinders. We will troubleshoot, identify and proffer lasting solutions. Call our locksmith for ignition replacement and other services.